S.N.    Thematic AreaTraining titleDate/MonthOn/OffDiscipline
i.Paddy seed production19.06.2012
ii.Seed production in Paheli dal02.08.2012
B.Planting material production
iNursery raising in Cole crop05.10.2012
C.Bio-pesticides production
i.FPP from farm resources18.01.2013
D.Bio-fertilizer production
i.Azolla production and management14.02.2012
E.Vermi compost production
i.Vermi compost production30.04.2012
ii.- do -02.05.2012
F.Other organic manures production
i.Enhancement of rural compost with bio fertilizer and EM25.04.2012

Rural Youths
    S.N.    Thematic Area           Training title                         Date/Month             On/Off                     Discipline                              
1.Mushroom production
2.Bee keeping
i.EDP through Apiculture07.06.2012
ii.- do -18.06.2012
3.Vermi culture
i.EDP through vermi technology22.08.2012
4.Protected cultivation of vegetable crops
i.Off season vegetable crops15.01.2013